Bringing your event to life

Event organisers of all sizes look for high impact ways of promoting their event, both in the period leading up to the date and also during the event itself. It is often the case that traditional advertising formats are not able to provide the coverage that event organisers are looking for to create the inescapable festival atmosphere in the host city. Traditional advertising formats can also prove to be extremely expensive when event organisers are looking to promote the event for an effective length of time both before and during the event.

Your Key partner

Bay Media’s lamppost banner format provides an ideal platform for event organisers to create a festival atmosphere, allowing entire cities to be covered overnight in the event’s branding. Bay Media have helped events of all sizes, from art fairs and museum exhibits to music festivals and international sporting events. Whether the marketing budget is for 20 banners around a small venue or 18,000 banners across a whole country, Bay Media’s end-to-end delivery service will ensure that your campaign is installed to the highest specification.