Dressing your streets

With local authorities continuously looking for effective ways to communicate to both their electorate and visitors to the local area, Bay Media’s lamppost banner service is a format that has continued to grow in popularity within the public sector. Whatever the message that the town hall is trying to promote, be it a new recycling initiative, a campaign for apprenticeships or annual Christmas Markets, lamppost banners can be used to target specific demographics and areas with bespoke, focused message, or create a consistent message across a whole city for a more general campaign.

The status quo is for local authorities to buy rudimentary lamppost banner brackets and source print, installation and removal in separate transactions. This process is both costly and time consuming, and due to the low quality of banner brackets on the market often results in unsatisfactory results. 



your key partner

Bay Media, with their patented StormSpill® lamppost banner system and end-to-end campaign delivery service, provide an ideal solution for local authorities. As the official lamppost banner provider to over 2/3 UK councils, Bay Media adapt their lamppost banner programs to fit the communications strategy of each individual local authority. These programs can range from a focus on civic messages, dressing for local events and organisations, all the way to fully commercial campaigns. It’s your scheme, you decide the parameters.





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