Our End to end service

Whilst other providers sell brackets in a one-off sale, at Bay Media we pride ourselves on our end-to-end banner service.

This end-to-end service includes:

       A pre-scheme city survey with the local authority
       Permissions management for use of columns
       Organisation of structural testing where necessary
       Advertising sales
       In-house Studio artwork design
       High quality, double-sided banner print
       Installation of banners with full traffic management
       In-campaign maintenance free of charge
       Banner removal
       Post-campaign management

As we develop new areas, our growth model sees us source local print and installation teams to ensure that our level of service and product quality is maintained across all areas.



The StormSpill® bracket system

Bay Media are the exclusive European distributors of StormSpill®, a spring loaded bracket system which dramatically reduces loading on lighting columns in extreme weather. This world leading bracket system ensures a high level of visual banner quality all-year-round, whilst other systems are proven to fail outside of calm conditions.

PATENTED Banner finishing

In 2013, Bay Media’s Research Team developed and patented a webbed finishing for the banners, removing the need for eyelets. The benefits of this are that it increases the banner’s strength by almost 3 times, reducing storm damage and maintenance costs. Our banners are printed on 750g/m2 PVC, allowing for an extremely high visual print quality with different images on either side.

installation process 

Bay Media carry out all banner installations using fully trained install teams with full Road Traffic Management and following any local authority regulations. This ensures that all lamppost banner installations meet the same high standards, whether on an island off Scotland, in Central London or in a town southern Belgium. All installations are carried out with a protective layer between the bracket system and the lighting to column to ensure that no superficial damage occurs, unlike other systems which are installed directly onto the column.


With all installations carried out by Bay Media teams upon the StormSpill® bracket system, Bay Media provide a campaign guarantee for up to 12 months from the installation date. If any banners become damaged due to adverse weather conditions, Bay Media will repair or replace them free of charge, ensuring that the street scene of lamppost banners damaged by the wind is a thing of the past. Whenever a new campaign is installed, this 12 month guarantee is then extended.